Sky Limit Equipment LLC. can be described as “the specialist of the extraordinary”.  We strive to make your experience using Sky Limit dependable, efficient and satisfying; making customer satisfaction our virtue.  Our name says it all; we’re into Equipment Rentals and Commercial & Residential Construction.

Our fleet consists of Cranes, Forklifts, Telehandlers, Cherry-Pickers, Bobcats, Excavators, Low Loaders (Low Beds), Reach Stackers, Light Towers, Generators, Back Hoe, Self-Loaders, Tractors, Heavy Duty Water Pumps, Transporting and Handling of heavy goods, just to name a few.  

Sky Limit’s Success = Its’ Spirit of Enterprise

Our Equipment is L.O.L.E.R., OSHA. BS 7121 STANDARDS and AINSI/ASME certified and approved. Sky limit has set the example for its competitors and still takes the leading position in this field. Our vision and expertise are what make Sky Limit a successful fully indigenous company, evolving into a national company. We build our future on the foundation of a rich past.   

Because of our permanent focus on the future, we have a highly skilled multilingual crew and very advanced & dependable fleet of equipment to satisfy the often “extra ordinary” needs of our customers.  Availability, dependability, accessibility, rapid/ on-time delivery and response are just part of making our work unique & special.  

Prevention and security are priorities to Sky Limit, we’d better be safe than sorry when it comes to personal injuries and damages to materials or our environment.